Meas Development Holding is proud to announce the of Dim Sum Emperors fifth outlets in Chbar Ampov lead by Operation Director Ms. Denise Lum creating a whole new concept of modern Cantonese cuisines inspired by new trendy eateries in Hong Kong and Southeast Assa as well with varieties of dim sum which its known for.

The new outlet at Cbar Ampov is designed with a modern open dining space with a touch of Chinese elegant decors and can accommodate up to 120 sitting capacity with beautiful landscape garden welcomes you into the dining area. You can expect different ambience while dining from garden view, booth sitting, traditional round table and 3 elevated semi private dining which can accommodate 10 – 30 combine.

With current 3 outlets in town such as Toul Kork Street 566 infront of Zaman kindergarden, Tk Avenue, Central Market and 1 at the airport, we are looking into suburban area such as Chbar Ampov where road now is accessible driving to and fro from town, development of gated communities and businesses.


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