Dim Sum Emperors Express Chip Mong Noro Mall – Latest Franchise Opening

Phnom Penh, 1st November 2019, Dim Sum Emperors known for their freshly handmade and varieties of dim sum and Cantonese cuisine, announced today the opening of its newest franchise restaurant in Chip Mong Noro Mall, located in Beoung Keng kang 1, along Norodom Boulevard.

The new franchise outlet in Noro Mall, is the first express and self-service concept targeting busy office workers, students, family and communities in the area. The menu is compact focusing only popular ready to eat meal such as dim sum, roast duck & chicken, bbq pork & chicken which come either with rice or noodles and congee with an option of $2.00 upgrade to add drink and dessert for a complete meal.

Dim Sum Emperors Express at Chip Mong Noro Mall located on the 3rd floor with a sitting capacity of 40 people, open daily from 7am – 10pm. For breakfast, 7am-10am and afternoon 2pm -5pm, grab & go your favorite 2 pieces of bun with either iced coffee or iced coffee with milk for only $2.90. At Dim Sum Emperors Express, there’re many ways for you to mix and match your meal anytime of the day. You also can enjoy in the comfort of your home or office via delivery service such as Nham24 or call us in advance to order and pick-up.

Dim Sum Emperors Express also committing to be eco-friendly using biodegradable packaging, avoiding to use dish washer in order to conserve water and to reduce water contamination flowing out from the outlet. Recycle plastic bottle, aluminum can drinks are separated for recycle purposes.

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