About us

Open its first outlet in March 2013 at Central Market, Dim Sum Emperors have been serving varieties of dim sum and Cantonese cuisines. Casual dining experience great for gathering of family, friends and businesses for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

The menu

At Dim Sum Emperors, you can expect new range of food such as horfun, muifun, range of roast chicken, duck and pork, Hainan Boneless Chicken Rice, Hotpot, Ma La, Crispy Shrimp Paste Chicken Wings to name a few. You can also expect a French Toast, cold desserts such as Snow Fungus with Lotus Seed, Honeydew Melon Sago, Jelly, Mixed fruit Cocktail Ice Jelly and Longan & Sea Coconut Ice Jelly.

Not only Dim Sum Emperors bring new food and desserts but drinks as well from traditional cold drinks such as Longan & Red Dates, Soya Bean & Grass Jelly and new such as Teapuccinno and Ying Yang (tea & coffee mix). The restaurant also offer a modest selection of wine, whisky & beer.

Meas Development Holding

Dim Sum Emperors is one of the brands under MEAS Development Holding , whose mission is to create, manage and operate global and regional food and beverage brand in Asia, given customers the best restaurant an café experience.

Our sister companies: Blue Pumpkin, Emperors of China, Hard Rock Cafe, Terrazza and Yoshinoya.